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Ex Memoriam

In loving memory of all the characters that died bloody, agonizing deaths just so you could be entertained.
-Naturally, this page contains spoilers. It should only be enjoyed AFTER you've seen all the episodes in the Archives-

T. Conrad Name:Theodore Conrad

Who He Was:Serial Killer. Pawn.

How He Died:1) Ripped out his own heart?!? 2) Learned the hard way that there's no such thing as a FORMER axe murderer.

When/Where:"Damnation Denied" - Chapter 11.

Author's Note:He was a 'pawn' in the sense that the story wasn't really about him. He was just there to keep you interested. Worked, didn't it?

J. Cowell Name:Jeffrey Cowell

Who He Was:Computer operator with a cruel sense of humor.

How He Died:Head driven face-first into a wall. Ow.

When/Where:"Damnation Denied" - Chapter 5.

Author's Note:The poor guy almost redeemed himself toward the end, when he tried to protect the doctor. Oh, well...

A. Franklin Name:Albert Franklin

Who He Was:Barely competant paper-pusher at a doomed correctional facility. In the future.

How He Died:Impaled from behind by a killer robot/escaped inmate.

When/Where:"Damnation Denied" - Chapter 6.

Author's Note:The robot was SUPPOSED to be holding Franklin's heart in its hand, and Franklin was supposed to be looking down at his own heart as he died. Alas, I lacked the skill/cash to create/acquire a good textured heart model. The sound FX were good, though.

A.  Malphas Name:Aleister Malphas

Who He Was:Crazed Satanist, Kidnapper of Children, Son of Someone Important

How He Died:Brought a knife to a gunfight.

When/Where:"Saint Noir" - Intro.

Author's Note:The underwear was a last minute thing. Originally he was supposed to be in a robe, but I didn't have one and the scene was already bogging down my PC. Ahhh, but I DID have underwear! And what could be more disturbing than a crazed cultist charging at you in his tighty-whities?
Z.  Malphas Name:Zephram Malphas

Who He Was:Satanist who bit that hand that fed him

How He Died:Ritually eviscerated

When/Where:"Saint Noir" - Chapter 9.

Author's Note:Ya gotta give the guy this much... he had guts. Unfortunately they ended up on the floor along with the rest of his internal organs.

V. Sawyer Name:Vivian Sawyer

Who He Was:Chief Network Engineer at a doomed correctional facility

How She Died:Took a robotic limb to... and through... the upper torso.

When/Where:"Damnation Denied" - Chapter 9

Author's Note:I expect kudos for deviating from the "All Females Must Be Over-Endowed Sexpots" cliche. Kudos. Now.