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About the Book of Dark Places


What's this webcomic about?

The Book of Dark Places is a horror anthology. I will show/tell you a story, and then... once I'm finished... I will show/tell you a different story. The subject matter will vary from tale to tale, but the themes will mostly center around 'evil' (whatever THAT is), with the intention of frightening, unsettling, horrifying, or just disgusting the reader. Most of the stories will involve the supernatural. There are no 'main characters' and the settings for the stories will range from the far future to something reminiscent of a traditional fantasy realm. Eventually you may see some recurring characters and/or settings, but they will not become the focus of the comic as a whole. EVIL is the focus of the comic as a whole. I'll go where the concept takes me, and I'll drag you along for the ride as long as you are able to stand the punishment.

Is this webcomic appropriate for children?

Short answer: NO.

More correct answer: It depends on the child and what you are wanting to protect them from.
Generally, this webcomic should be considered rated "R," but in the interest of helping people make informed decisions, I'll elaborate on exactly what you (or your precious little darlings) will be subjected to when they come here. In no particular order:

Language: I have made a conscious, artistic decision to keep the language relatively tame... more like what you'd expect from a PG-13 rated movie. So you'll see "ass" and "bitch" thrown around occasionally, but nothing harsher than that.

Nudity/Sex: I'm not afraid of nudity when necessary, but I find that it isn't necessary 99% of the time. This is not a pr0n site, and the stories are a far, far cry from even mild erotica. No male or female genitalia will be shown, however a nipple, breast, or buttocks might turn up when I feel it necessary to the story... which won't be often. The same applies to sex. This doesn't mean that sex acts or genitalia won't be mentioned. discussed or implied... merely that they won't be shown explicitly.

Violence: Bad things happen to people in this webcomic, and I will be showing said things in as much detail as my time, skill, and imagination allow. But keep in mind that we're talking about computer-manipulated 3D models here. We're not talking about real-life war footage... we're talking about cartoons.

Themes/Subject matter: I include this because most people overlook it. Stories exist that contain no profanity, no sex, and hardly any violence at all... yet they still are not appropriate for children simply based on what the stories are about. The Book of Dark Places is about darkness and evil. Some of the stories might venture down particular paths that you'd rather not have your children think about. Others may present scenes, themes, or plot elements that are simply disturbing even without adult language, violence, or nudity.

So, even with the adult language, sex, and nudity kept to bare (almost nonexistent) minimum, the violence and subject matter still ranks up there with an "R" rated movie, or perhaps a little beyond that. So if you think little Johnny can handle stories about demons, murder, and revenge, but you don't want him to see any sex or foul language... then he's welcome here. But if you think the movies these days are just too violent and bloody for your children, then keep them away.

Who is the writer/artist? ...or... Who's responsible for this crap!?

My name is Dark Icon. Yes, I have another name, but when I am creating, my name is Dark Icon. I am the creator, scriptwriter, artist, editor, producer, and webmaster of the Book of Dark Places. If you are a fan of the horror or fantasy genres then you may have come across my name somewhere else... or maybe not. I've been a writer/webmater at my other site for years, and I've been dabbling in 3D art for a while... usually creating illustrations of characters and scenes in my stories. BoDP is my first serious foray into the world of art and webcomics. Typically, what I've said so far is enough to satisfy most people who want to know 'about the author'. But if you want to know more still, then perhaps you can satisfy your curiosity at Or maybe not.

When is this comic updated?

Officially, the comic is updated on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, you may want to read this before you you start bitching about interruptions in the schedule. In short: the comic will be updated whenever I am able. And there will be LONG periods of time when I will not be able. Live with it.

What software do you use to create the images?

Mostly Poser, with some postwork done in PaintShopPro and Flash.

Where do the models/textures come from? Did you make them?

Typically, no. I purchase commercially available models and textures for the majority of what you see. My two main sources are DAZ3D and Renderosity. I do alter the models and textures as needed... to add blood or physical damage, for example.

Where do the sound effects come from? Can I get them?

I subscribe to a sound effects library (no I'm not going to name it) that has a limited selection of effects. I also own a couple of FX CD's (not naming those, either), and am always on the lookout for more. I don't have nearly enough. For the most part I just find something close to what I need on one of those two sources and use software (primarily FL Studio aka "Fruity Loops") to massage and manipulate it into what I want. I also create some sounds using generator plug-ins within the software. Some simple effects I just as-is, but the more complicated ones involve a few hours of work. Sometimes I get something exactly like what I hear in my head... sometimes time constraints force me to stop and use what I have at that point. Very soon I will add some of the more work-involved sound effects to the Archives page for you to enjoy. These effects will be the ones that I actually WORKED on, and not the ones that I just downloaded and used. When I do this, the sounds will be for you to download and listen to, NOT for you to use in your own projects. This is for the same reason that I'm not telling you the name of the service/CD's that I use: I'm not going to make it any easier for someone else to make something that sounds like mine.

How can I contact you?

I've set up a forum that is my preferred method for people to discuss the webcomic, leave feedback, and ask quesions. If you specifically want to contact ME with a message not intended for public inspection, then email me at Darkicon [at] BookOfDarkPlaces (dot) com.